Legal benefits of working for yourself

People are classed as self employed when they are not working for an employer but working for themselves. Self employed people either work as independent contractors of make money through their own More »

Can you still be connected in the countryside?

For many of us, moving to the countryside is a dream. After years of coping with the noise and fast pace of urban life, the thought of retreating to a peaceful rural More »

The secret to clean classrooms

Primary schools are important places for youngsters around the country, being the venue where they will gain a firm grounding for their education and the rest of their lives. For this reason, More »

Simple solutions for business issues

Running into issues is an inevitability when it comes to business, but that doesn't mean they have to cause a hindrance. In fact, the perception that risk can stifle growth is increasingly More »

How to overcome the challenges of hiring salespeople

Hiring salespeople in the current labour market can be a tricky endeavour at the best of times. But with competition for places higher than ever, there are some fantastic candidates out there More »


Top 5 Natural Sites to Visit in Australia

Australia is a unique and diverse country, perfect for any kind of traveler. Whether you’re a backpacker or traveling with a family or partner, you’ll find a rewarding and memorable experience here. You can rent a house fast in Australia if you’d prefer to stay awhile; read here for more info. The country combines gorgeous natural landscapes, beaches and mountains with exciting cities and a friendly-laid back culture. If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss these top 5 sights to see in Australia Read more [...]

The art gallery deconstructed

What is an art gallery? It sounds like there is an obvious answer to this and while you would be right in such an assertion, this understanding does not give a full picture. An art gallery is from a very straightforward point of view a space that exists to display works of art and objects of cultural and aesthetic significance. That makes sense, but beyond the obvious, there is a lot more to this institution than what we understand as visitors attending an exhibition. Galleries – which, in part, Read more [...]

The Best Deals for Bad Credit Clients

Finance can be a minefield. Anyone wanting to get an advance years ago generally went to a high street bank. If they were buying a car they had the alternative of using a facility from a car dealership and often for convenience they signed up. Dealer finance has not always been the most competitive available; indeed it has to be said it is rarely the case. The best deals It is important to not only strike a good deal with a car purchase but also get the best financial package. It is equally Read more [...]

Experiential vs blended learning – which is for you?

Giving employees the skills they need to do their job successfully is a never-ending challenge for businesses. There is always some new technique staff should have or policy that requires training, meaning you're likely to continually be faced with the challenge of deciding the best approach to deliver information and develop talent. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to training and each scenario will often require a different approach. It's important to remember that learning Read more [...]

5 Things I need to Know about the Penguin Update

When the Penguin update came in to effect Google's announcement did not leave enough time for a lot of people to prepare and change their SEO strategy. The update had most effect on deeper pages within your site and also on a bad links that you had built. To put it simply, the Penguin update was focused on links, this means that everyone had a massive portfolio of both inbound and outbound links that they needed to analyse. For those that took a hit by the update now need to go back to the drawing Read more [...]