Legal benefits of working for yourself

People are classed as self employed when they are not working for an employer but working for themselves. Self employed people either work as independent contractors of make money through their own More »

Can you still be connected in the countryside?

For many of us, moving to the countryside is a dream. After years of coping with the noise and fast pace of urban life, the thought of retreating to a peaceful rural More »

The secret to clean classrooms

Primary schools are important places for youngsters around the country, being the venue where they will gain a firm grounding for their education and the rest of their lives. For this reason, More »

Simple solutions for business issues

Running into issues is an inevitability when it comes to business, but that doesn't mean they have to cause a hindrance. In fact, the perception that risk can stifle growth is increasingly More »

How to overcome the challenges of hiring salespeople

Hiring salespeople in the current labour market can be a tricky endeavour at the best of times. But with competition for places higher than ever, there are some fantastic candidates out there More »


How your business can benefit from staff days out

When you put on regular events for your employees throughout the year it can help your company to become more successful. This could be a family funday, company festival, annual party or any other type of event. These will boost morale and help employees to feel valued in your organisation. In order for your employees to work hard and be motivated, they need to feel happy and be valued in their job. When your employees enjoy coming into work each morning, get along with co-workers and have Read more [...]

How to put on a corporate family fun day

This article provides information on how to put on a corporate family fun day and what sort of activities it could involve, as well as the benefits of such an event. It includes some hints and tips on how to make the day a success. Corporate events are highly popular amongst many businesses around the world. No matter the size or sector of the company, events can be put on for employees and / or clients, and often involve families. Allowing them to invite loved ones increases their interest in the Read more [...]

Scientific Progress in Africa

Today, most people don’t think of Africa as a major leader in the world of science and technology. This is because for most of its history, Africa has heavily relied on other countries for their scientific knowledge and technological developments. It has not been self-sustaining in this area, and thus has created a problem for itself moving into a future that is heavily dictated by these fields. If Africa wants to move forward into a bright future for its people, it needs to gain scientific independence Read more [...]

When school’s out, cleaners are in!

As the academic year is drawing to a close, many universities will start planning the cleaning that needs to be done over the summer break. This immense task must be carried out every year in order to make sure the facilities are ready to be used again. It also ensures the educational establishment makes a good impression on the next lot of students to pass through the doors. Plan ahead The sheer size of the task means that it has be planned ahead - absolutely nothing can be left until Read more [...]

How to reverse the changing room stereotype

Changing rooms have a bad reputation. They are often seen as grungy, grimy rooms with pungent aromas. Adults may remember trying to dress as quickly as they could after a PE lesson, to avoid spending any unnecessary time in there. The stench of stale urine hangs in the air, mixed with sweat and cheap deodorant. The smell of mould penetrates the very walls of the shower cubicles and mud has been ground into the floor tiles. However, with just a little effort, changing rooms can be transformed Read more [...]